With its pleasant environment and beautiful shrine hall, the center provides an inspirational framework for the study and practice of Buddhism.

Benchen Odense offers regularly scheduled events where people gather for Dharma activities, such as studying Buddhist literature, on-line teaching programs, contemplative forums and meditation sessions.

Additionally, we host frequent Buddhist seminars with qualified teachers and scholars. Many of our seminars are organized as single day programs or weekend courses, which gives people with busy schedules an opportunity to participate as well.


Benchen Karma Geleg Dargye Ling

Benchen Karma Geleg Dargye Ling mainly follows the practice tradition of the Karma Kagyu lineage within Vajrayana Buddhism, with emphasis on the meditations and rituals as regularly performed within the Benchen community of Buddhist centers.

We gather on a frequent basis for group meditation sessions performing practices like Shamata & Vipassana, Tong-Len, Karmapa Guru Yoga, Chenrezig Puja, Guru Rinpoche practice, the preliminary practices of Ngöndro, the Sangchö ritual, Chö practice, Phowa practice and Mahakala Puja.

Furthermore, our doors are always equally open for spontaneously scheduled Dharma meetings and activities of whichever other or additional practices people might favor. Everybody and all Dharma activities are heartily welcome!


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